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Submitted on
September 28, 2012


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Avatar commissions [Open]

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 10:38 AM
  • Mood: Tired

i'm back into drawing again so i'll try and finish the list as quick as possible
sorry for making you wait so long ^^;
i really appreciate all the support you give me with liking and buying my icons :heart:
also avatar commissions are still ope
to those who have already asked and are not on the list don't worry i've seen your notes and comments so i'll reply to them soon ^^

Couple avatars added~
Avatar commissions are OPEN
:bulletyellow: Those in the list who have a red bullet please pay me so i can start with your commission ^^
Rules are changed so be sure to read the before asking for one ^u^

Unlimited slots (for now) so if you want one just ask ^u^

be sure to read the rules everytime just in case something has changed

:star: Rules: :star:

- First of all you must be patient if you want to commission me. i don't know how long you'll have to wait. it can be from a few hours to a month for an icon
- You can ask for one (or more), just see if there are slots available. You must note me the info (don't comment with under here with it)
- In the note you'll need to include and complete the appropriate form that you can copy from below. (There are two forms for either single or couple avatar) The lines with * are a must and you need to complete the information asked there. Delete the text inside the brackets ( ) so the order will be more clear.
- If you use the icon as your avatar (or on your profile) credit me in your signature or profile. To use the avatar you commissioned me outside DeviantArt you need to ask for my written permission first.
- i'll start after you pay for it (i usually work first come first serve).
- Refunds you get when:
  - I haven't started your icon and you want to cancel (you get full refund here)
  - If i started but haven't completed it and am halfway through (you get half of the points you paid)
- You don't get a refund if i have completed the icon but haven't posted it or if i completed it more than 80%. I this case i will finish your order.

:star: Forms: :star:

Single/Normal avatars:

- Number of characters: (that is if you want to order more than one single/normal avatar. if not you can leave it out)
- *First name of the chara:
- *References:
- *Owned by:
- *Type of avatar: (Types are underlined, please type the whole name of the type here correctly (be especially careful with the words and, or , while. They can change the whole type if not used correctly). For combinations if not obvious try and go into more detail/explain how you want the animation. For new animation types that are not included on this journal go into detail and include references if you can. That'll make it easier for me.)
- Outline colour: (all the icons have an outline which in most is barely visible.if you don't have any preference in colour i can choose a suitable one ^^)

Couple avatars:

-Charas first names:
-Charas owners:
-Charas refs: (of both of them even if the one is a well-known canon)
-Side: (which chara will be in each side. even if you don't mind/know and want me to choose please specify it ^^)
-Animation: (just type Blinking if you don't want anything extra.)

If you use the icon i made you please credit me in your signature

:star: Types: :star:

(more examples:… )
All the avatars i did for other people all in one page:

Single/Normal avatars:

:bulletgreen: Blinking icons: 150 :points: per avatar (example:
PC - Kisa Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)
:bulletgreen: Grinning icons (includes blink): 200 :points: per avatar (example: PC - Gemma Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)

:bulletgreen: Winking icons (includes blink): 200 :points: per avatar (example: PC - Akemi Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)
:bulletgreen: Winking while Grinning icons: 250 :points: per avatar (example: PC - Komouri Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)
:bulletgreen: Eye shutting while Grinning (eyes either normal or curved) icons: 250 :points: per avatar (example: PC - Ryuu Avatar by AkumuAkatalina
PC - Nami Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)
:bulletgreen: Blushing icons: 150 :points: per avatar (example: PC - Angel Avatar by AkumuAkatalina) it's just blushing no blinking
:bulletgreen: Blushing & Blinking (either gaping or smiling) icons: 200 :points: per avatar (example: PC - Nadare Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - Tamuki Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)
:bulletgreen: Glaring icons: 200 :points: per avatar (example: PC - Mahina Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)

:bulletgreen: Blinking & Glaring icons: 250 :points: per avatar (example: PC - Clayton Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)
:bulletgreen: Glowing/Eye changing icons: 200 :points: per avatar (example: PC - Akujin Avatar by AkumuAkatalina PC - Kanshin Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)

:bulletgreen: Blinking with Stars (or Hearts) icons: 300 :points: per avatar (example: PC - Maya Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)
For adjustions to the animation like a different smile (examples: PC - Nagisa Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - Hitoshi Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - Kurai Avatar by AkumuAkatalina) are an extra +50 :points:
non animated adjustions if not too difficult are for free (examples: PC - Akemi Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - Minako Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)

You can ask for any combination of the ones above and i'll see if it's possible ^u^

(combination examples:
PC - Kaellen Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - Tsukiko Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - Cassandra Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)

if you have any ideas or want a different animation than the types above feel free to ask~ ^^

Couple avatars:

Bullet; Green Blinking icons: 500 Points per avatar
(examples: :iconakumuakatalina: PC - ShinaxAkaito Couple Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - KisaxDeidara Couple Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - TsukikoxYamato Couple Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - ShikamaruxGemma Couple Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - SanamixObito Couple Avatar by AkumuAkatalinaPC - ItachixShizako Couple Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)
For anything extra like grining or blushing etc just ask me and i'll make a price for you (example: PC - AmikoxItachi Couple Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)
i use the dA green as a background colour but if you want another one i can change it ^^ (example: PC - ShinaxAkaito Couple Avatar by AkumuAkatalina)
it'll be a pale hue though of it cause bright and vibrant colours doesn't go well with it
Also it may be named couple but you can choose two characters with other relationships too (eg. frineds, brothers, cousins etc)

:bulletgreen: = Paid :bulletred: = Not Paid :bulletpink: = Part of it is Paid :bulletblue: = Special type paid :bulletpurple: =
Special type not paid

  1. :bulletgreen: SerenaSensui :star:
  2.  :bulletgreen: Urufei :star-empty:
  3.   :bulletgreen: Urufei :star-empty:
  4. :bulletpurple:  Bebeox :star-empty:
  5. :bulletpurple: thebabyangel2 :star-empty:
  6. :bulletred: SicklySatisfied :star-empty:
  7. :bulletred: IceCreamBubblegum :star-empty:
  8. :bulletred: Atomic-Grave :star-empty:
  9. :bulletgreen: Suiton-kun :star-empty:
  10. :bulletgreen: Honoka--chan :star-empty:
  11. :bulletred: NlKNAK :star-empty:
  12. :bulletred: JJao :star-empty:

:bulletblue: New List
  1. :bulletred: CorruptionTickles
  2. :bulletred: DolphBerry
  3. :bulletred: Yaseiihana
  4. :bulletred: WarriorAngel36
  5. :bulletred: 
  6. :bulletred: 
  7. :bulletred: 

:star: Point Commission Info:star:

By BubblesTea
Journal Design & CSS
By AkumuAkatalina
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The-Assassin-Echo Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
would it be okay if i got a winking while grinning avatar from you?
Tangwi Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
Hi I was wondering if I could have two avatar commissions from you?c:
xx-Hana-Chan-xx Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I want another <333
AkumuAkatalina Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist
sure ^^ just note me :)
BluBlazeFire0 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student Artist
I would like to commission you for one ^^
AkumuAkatalina Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist
sure just send me a note with the info ^^
BluBlazeFire0 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Student Artist
Sent :)
Hylee Featured By Owner Edited Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm thinking really hard of getting another, but i cant seem to think of what would be a good expression to set to some one like my Cinder... she's always silly and likes making jokes. I was thinking of something like raspberries and sticking her tongue out but i'm not sure..... any thoughts? best way i've ever described her was  "quirky, fun, mischievous, mercurial, whimsical (in the literal whimsy sense), caring, loving, and loyal".

Also, i might get a few others. Mika deserves one since she was my first naruto character, but i'd ahve to have a really special one made. (she went from byakugan, to uragan {combination of byakugan and sharingan}, mangekyo uragan, then rinnegan and i'd want her to end with a smile as normal XD) and then one for her going into sage mode (dragon).  and then one for each of her three kids. lol too many characters. XD
Moonlight-Hour Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I have no points right now, but could I note you the details of a commish I want to get an idea for the price? ^^
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